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PACIFIC Industrial & Marine Ltd. (PIM) 

is situated on 8 acres of work area in Cowichan Bay and specializes in all aspects of Marine and Bridge Construction serving Vancouver Island and the coast of British Columbia with expert quality manufacturing and service.  Our travel lift can easily move product and equipment from land to water.  We also have dock access for loading and unloading vessels and barges.

Since 2004, PIM has focused its accumulated knowledge on marine construction, pile installation and repairs predominately performing government contracts for Federal, First Nations, Provincial, and Municipal marine contracts as well as private industry marinas.

In 2006 PIM added a CWB Certified steel fabrication shop focused on steel bridges and marine structure fabrication including floating leads, steel pontoon breakwaters, fenders, catwalks, platforms, and vehicle ramps.

In 2012 PIM added a CWB Certified aluminum fabrication shop.

PACIFIC Industrial & Marine Ltd.’s multifaceted capabilities provide supply and install of marine products all within one company.

PIM Qualifications include:

  • Certified Skippers, Crane Operators, Bridgemen, Pile Drivers, Carpenters, and Steel/Aluminum Welders
  • BCFSC SAFE Certified
  • WorkSafeBC COR Certified

PIM Equipment Available for Service:

PIM has a fleet of barges, some of which are equipped with cranes and pile driving equipment, others are flat material transport barges and others equipped with anchoring systems for drilling, dredging or other transportation or construction works and available to tackle most marine based projects on the West Coast.

We run high speed aluminum crew boats, a 40’ landing craft with hydraulic crane, small barge site handling boats and two tug boats for mobilization and tendering marine equipment.


  • “Pacific II” – 162 Ton Spud Barge (33.3m x 11.6m x 2.13m)
  • “Cat I” – 90 Ton Spud Barge (22.2m x 9.8m x 2.1m)
  • “PT I” – 758 Ton Spud Barge (51.2m x 14.6m x 3.1m)
  • “Rivtow 901” – 895 Ton Barge (54.9m x 15.1m x 3.3m)
  • “Pacific III” – 855 Ton Air Controlled Sinking Platform (54.9m x 14.8m x 3.3m)
  • “Beverley Sue” – 292 Ton Barge (41.2m x 12.2m x 1.8m)
  • Small Barges (TW I; Sally I; 3 Part Sectional Barge)


  • “Nanoose Yarder” – 11.5m Tugboat
  • “Atlas Captain” – 8.96m Tugboat
  • “Victory” – 7.8m Tugboat
  • “Aqua-Knots III” – 14.5m Landing Craft
  • “Pacific Osprey & Osprey II” – (2) 7.6m crew boats
  • Boom Boats (4)
  • Misc. Workboats


  • Terex 110T Crane
  • American 9299 165T Crane
  • (2) American 5299 Cranes
  • LS118 Crane
  • LS108 Crane
  • LS98 Crane
  • Linkbelt 408/418 Crane
  • Allied 22 T Crane
  • Maeda Komatsu Crawler Crane
  • ICE Vibratory Hydraulic Pile Driver Extractor
  • ICE Vibratory Hammer & Clamps
  • ICE Vibro plus Clamps
  • John Deere 350D Excavator
  • John Deere 225C Excavator
  • Kubota Mini Excavator
  • Bobcat S650 Skid Steer
  • Bobcat E42
  • Freightliner Boom Truck plus 2 – 5T Crane Trucks
  • Travel Lift; Zoom Booms; Scissor Lifts; Forklifts; Welders, Compressors