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 Focus is on pursuing mutual beneficial opportunities

Duncan, BC – Cowichan Tribes, Western Stevedoring and Pacific Industrial & Marine Ltd. (PIM) have signed a memorandum of understanding (“MOU’) to establish a cooperative working relationship and framework involving learning, understanding and collaboration thereby positioning the parties for success in future mutually beneficial opportunities related to the Cowichan Terminal. 

“Cowichan Bay is of pivotal importance to Cowichan Tribes, as it has provided sustenance for our people since time immemorial,” said Acting Chief Cindy Daniels. “Having greater involvement in the future of the terminal will help us achieve our goals for environmental and economic enhancement for Cowichan Tribes.” 

Bill Mooney, President, Western Group (Western Stevedoring Company Limited), said “We are pleased to sign this MOU which emphasizes our commitment to learning how to best work with and support local communities and First Nations where we operate in coastal areas of Vancouver Island and the BC mainland.”

Brian Thacker, President of Pacific Industrial & Marine Ltd., the major tenant and operator on the terminal, remarked that “As a long-time local resident of the Cowichan Valley, I am deeply committed to the ongoing and future success of the terminal and supporting the jobs of the more than 70 people who work there, as well as protecting the ecological health of the bay.” 

The MOU calls on the parties to communicate with each other regularly, with a number of topics identified for discussion. These include collaboration on projects like fish and wildlife inventories, setting stewardship and restoration objectives for the Cowichan River and estuary, and addressing the heritage interests of Cowichan Tribes. Economic opportunities that could jointly benefit all parties, including education and job training, have also been identified as key priorities under the MOU.

About Cowichan Tribes

Cowichan Tribes is a Hul’q’umi’num speaking indigenous community. With more than 5,000 registered members, it is the single largest First Nations band in British Columbia.

About Western Stevedoring Company Limited

Western Stevedoring, a division of Western Group Holdings Limited (, is the largest and most diversified terminal and stevedoring company in British Columbia, Canada. 

About Pacific Industrial & Marine

Pacific Industrial & Marine Ltd is a locally owned private corporation and a major contractor in the fabrication and installation of bridges and marine structures on the west coast of Canada. 

For Information, please contact: 

Ms. Hilda August Chief’s Assistant Cowichan Tribes Ph. 250-748-3196 

Alex Kubinski Communications Coordinator Western Stevedoring Ph. 604-904-2805 

Ms. Denise Gibson Administration Pacific Industrial & Marine Ltd. Ph. 250-746-7272